On 19-20 Jan 2022 Kistamässan will be transformed into the most important tech event of the year. It is the event for individuals and companies who think big!

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived. It is already revolutionising society and business. Sweden and Stockholm continue to innovate as a global technology hub. One of the world’s most open and welcoming markets, Sweden is positioned to lead the global conversation when it comes to designing and scaling tech for the future.

The need for such a comprehensive technology event has never been greater, and this is it. An opportunity to exchange knowledge about innovations and how best to apply them. An occasion to explore next generation strategies for Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Cloud, IoT, Smart Cities, 5G and Blockchain, as well as Startup-Scaleup. And a forum for discovering and understanding the new technology that will drive businesses and society forward.

Stockholm Tech Live is an event where you will find a vibrant selection of innovations, futuristic labs, trends, discussions of what is coming in the near future, new networks, lectures. Plus, we can guarantee some unexpected surprises!

Visitors will attend conferences with keynotes by some of the tech world’s most sought-after and fascinating people and companies.

At Stockholm Tech Live you will see and experience the technology of the future and you will hear how it will contribute to change and transformation in your work – regardless of your industry sector – and in your life. Join us and find out how 5G will drive your business development to new heights, wander through the smart cities of the future and take the opportunity to hear about the next big tech idea presented in our Startup-Scaleup area.

Stockholm Tech Live is Seven Summits in one event

AI & BIG DATA Expo is the forum for Artificial Intelligence & Big Data. It will demonstrate next-generation developments and strategies for their successful implementation and refinement and their application to create and adapt new business models.

Cyber Security & Cloud Expo is the Nordic region’s leading meeting place for next-generation IT security and cloud services. It will present discussions and developments on these critically important topics, as well as the impact that the cloud will have on all industries including government, energy, financial services and healthcare.

Blockchain Expo is the place to discover the exciting world of blockchain applications and technologies such as distributed ledgers and cryptography. Suppliers, experts, evangelists and specialists will discuss, develop and illustrate the possibilities. Leading decision makers and buyers will come to Blockchain Expo to learn about how blockchain can change their business models.

Startup-Scaleup Expo is an unrivalled platform for the most innovative and creatively disruptive startups in advanced technology and digital transformation. It will support startups through a new network of investors, including both venture capitalists and companies looking to invest in new technologies in their development process.

IoT TECH Expo is the central meeting place for everyone interested in the Internet of Things. Vendors, thought leaders, experts, developers and specialists will discuss, explain and illustrate the possibilities of this new technology.

Smart City Expo will transport you to the resource-efficient future of urban life. The need for a digitally driven and adapted society has never been greater and this will radically change cityscapes in the coming years.

5G EXPO – 5G is happening here and now and the new technology offers amazing new opportunities. 5G Expo is the meeting place for suppliers, politicians, town planners, technology thought leaders and company directors, who will gather to explore the business opportunities and social changes that 5G presents.

A world of networking, opportunities and new business.

Participate as an exhibitor, partner or sponsor and meet buyers of hi-tech solutions, investors, business developers, IT leaders and tech innovators. Your current customers and prospects will be here, together with potential new partners, project leaders, systems integrators and main contractors. Stockholm Tech Live is the event that not only presents high technology but also its impact on business and society.

Here’s why you should exhibit
at Stockholm Tech Live:

SHOW YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES to industry leaders, change managers, business developers and investors. Stockholm Tech Live offers the perfect platform to launch, take new initiatives and associate your brand with cutting-edge technology.

MARKET YOUR BRAND as a leading hi-tech innovator and thought leader alongside the Stockholm Tech Live brand. We work with a broad range of leading media partners, who will give you great publicity and increased brand visibility.

NETWORK WITH POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS AND PARTNERS. Our combined conference and exhibition format maximises quality time with your current and prospective customers.

STOCKHOLM TECH LIVE IS THE NORDIC REGION’S MOST IMPORTANT MEETING PLACE for anyone who is in the business of driving change and creating new business models through digital transformation and cutting-edge technologies. This is where they come to find new partnerships and vendors.

ORGANISED IN STOCKHOLM, headquarters for many of the Nordic region’s technology leaders and startups, and where the big decisions are made. The event provides access to thousands of decision-makers, budget holders and purchasers, business developers and managers responsible for transformation and development projects in both the public and private sectors.

YOU MEET BUYERS whose doors are usually closed and with whom it is difficult if not impossible to book a meeting, building a long-term pipeline of valuable contacts that can provide business for a long time to come.

INCREASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE FOR YOUR NEXT CUSTOMER MEETING so that you better understand their requirements and stay one step ahead in the sales cycle.

DEMONSTRATE YOUR COMPETENCIES & KNOW-HOW to those who make the decisions and lead the transformation; show how your solutions meet their needs to increase efficiency and profitability.

Who will exhibit?

Exhibitors at Stockholm Tech Live include companies that offer solutions and services in IT, product development, hi-tech innovations, hardware and software to help organisations to take the next steps in digital transformation and the implementation of new business models and processes.

Who will visit?

Exhibitors will meet leading decision makers from some of the largest and most important organisations in the Nordic region. Decision makers with buying authority for IT, hi-tech and innovation. These include CIOs and CTOs, digital marketing managers, new product developers and many others with a direct interest in new technologies.

Book a stand

To make your participation as effective, profitable and successful as possible, we will adapt the offer to your specific requirements. You can choose everything from a ready-made stand package to a highly personalised solution. Needs are many and varied, and we specialise in offering a solution that is just right for you.

Do you have any questions or concerns? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you.


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