Kayla Brizo
Lead Product Manager – Data & Analytics
Sony Music Entertainment New York

Kayla is a tech and gaming nerd with a passion for building great products. She has over ten years of experience in the product space, building a variety of web and mobile applications at both the enterprise and startup levels. As part of the Data+Analytics team at Sony Music, her focus is on creating tools to help drive the decision-making process and root it in data. Working in a team that operates as a startup within a larger enterprise has become her specialty through the years, and she enjoys challenging the traditional way things are done to help push an organization into the digital, data-fueled, modern age.

Kayla on stage at Stockholm Tech Live

Data science and analytical approaches in traditional media companies such as print/news and music are typically met with resistance because of a general fear that data, AI, and “robots” will take jobs from humans. Challenging the status quo of decision making is critical to making sure traditional media can stay competitive in the digital age by helping users make more informed business decision rather than relying on what has always been done. Creating products to turn the tide of how decisions are being made is a balancing act between data, analysis, and charming user experiences.


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